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Photographic depiction of a red agar plate, clearly showing the population of bacteria in white.

Skin treatment with tissue-tolerable electrical plasma

Application of tissue-tolerable plasma at low temperature for disinfection of human skin, stimulation of the penetration of topically applied substances, stimulation of wound healing processes, safety assessment of the application of tissue-tolerable plasma under in vivo conditions, influence of the plasma treatment on the antioxidative properties the cellular structure of human skin.

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Depiction of a plasma applicator with a visible plasma beam, which is moved over the skin.
Application of a tissue-tolerable plasma for skin desinfection. Photo: H. Richter/Charité.
  • Application of tissue-tolerable plasma
  • In vivo laser scanning microscopy
  • Bacterial and mycotic analysis of the skin
  • Raman micro-spectroscopy
  • Resonance Raman spectroscopy