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Seitlicher Blick auf eine Gruppe Ärzte und Ärztinnen in weißen Kitteln, die einem Vortrag zuhören. Die Köpfe sind unscharf aufgenommen.

The team of the Center of Experimental and Applied Cutaneous Physiology (CCP)

The research unit skin physiology consists of a team of ca. 14 employees from the fields of physics, chemistry, biology or engineering. Furthermore, several doctoral students are working on different research topics.

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Directorate of the CCP

Prof. Dr. Martina Meinke

Chemist and Medical Physicist, Head of the CCP

CCM: Campus Charité Mitte

portrait photo MM

Staff of the CCP

portrait photo JL
Prof. Dr. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Lademann

Physicist, Senior Professor

portrait photo AK
Dr. Anna Lena Klein

Med. Physicist, Deputy Head of the CCP

portrait photo SL
Dr. Silke Lohan

Biologist, Deputy Head of the CCP

Zweifarbiger Schattenriss eines Frauenkopfes; grau auf hellgrau.
Dr. Marisa Klemp


portrait photo SS
Sabine Schanzer

Technical Assistant (Chemistry)

portrait photo HR
Heike Richter

Technical Assistant (Physics)

Doctoral Students of the CCP

Marius Kröger

Doctoral Student

Thao Tran

Doctoral Student

Loris Busch

Doctoral Student

Daniela Zamudio Diaz

Doctoral Student